ASID | Design WELL Conference

Client- ASID & The International WELL Building Institute
Role: Design and Creative Direction


Client- Neocon & The International WELL Building Institute
Role: Design and Creative Direction

NeoCon serves as the commercial design industry’s launch pad for innovation—offering ideas and introductions that shape the built environment today and into the future. 
I was tasked to create a series of posters for the event that would live in the stairwells of the expo hall and promote and bring visibility to the WELL brand and products. This campaign aims to get people moving and taking the stairs, an idea that’s important to the WELL Building Standard and it’s health-focused mission - My goal was to capture the attention of a captive audience by transforming an otherwise dull staircase into an opportunity for education about the powerful intersection between design and wellness.


Clients: IWBI and The Garrison Institute

The Garrison Institute and IWBI have a combined mission to advance culture of health, wellness, sustainability and mindfulness.

The Workplace Wellness Leadership Summit is a three day event that will bring together world-class leaders of health and well-being across all sectors. The goal is to hone new strategies for improving employee engagement, build a community of like-minded leaders, and learn from other industry innovators who are developing ways to help their organizations thrive. 

I was tasked with creating the branding for this leadership event, below you can see more about WWLS, the brand guidelines, marketing materials and photography.


 The logo combines visual elements of wellness and leadership.

  • The top portion was designed to look like an abstract crown, to fold in the leadership focus of the summit- and touch upon the amazing leaders, speakers and sponsors that will be in attendance.

  • It can also be seen as a mountain, mountains are often seen as a symbol of progress or elevation above the rest.

  • ‘Summit’ has two definitions- highest point of a mountain and a meeting of leaders.

  • There is a purposeful architectural feel to this shape to reflect WELL’s product and mission.

  • This motif sits on top of elements from the lotus flower and a mandala- which typically represent wellness, mindfulness and relaxation.

  • A bold color palette evokes power and leadership. These colors demand attention, action and give a sense of seriousness and credibility.

  • A slightly playful secondary font to pair with IWBI’s standard- Museo Sans. It looks like a polished version of letters carved into wood, which adds to the campsite vibe of the Garrison Institute- with bonfires at night and communal dining, yoga, and hiking activities throughout the retreat.

Program Booklet



I currently work at The International WELL Building Institute as their Creative Director. WELL exhibits and holds events at Greenbuild, the world's largest sustainable green building trade show and conference. In 2017 and 2018 I designed and managed creative execution of our booth and all materials for this event. Below you can see the campaign looks, started as initial digital designs and translated into a built space at the expo. Please view the above video I directed, which shows an overview of what we did at the show in 2017. Social media, email and other marketing efforts were also executed around Greenbuild. 





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